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Amelie Thobaben is a registered psychological psychotherapist. She is a member of the following committees of the institutions involved in the self-government of  health services in Germany: Representative assembly, Appointment Committee and Advisory Expert Committee for Psychotherapy (chairwoman) of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bremen (regional Association of SHI-Physicians); representative assembl of the Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (deputy) (KBV, Federal Association of SHI-Physicians); and Board of the Psychotherapeutienkammer Bremen and the Psychotherapeutentag. She is a member of the Federal Executive Board and chairman of the Bremen State Group In the Deutsche PsychotherapeutenVereinigung (DPtV). In her day-to-day politics, she finds herself at the interface between the health services demands of patients and the health care options for psychotherapists within the actual socio-legal conditions and the general political developments. The DPtV is committed to the improvement of psychotherapeutic care and compiles surveys on available health services as well as the implementation of own health care models.

Thursday 06.06.2019

  • T3-22

    11:30 | Eine bundesweite Darstellung der psychotherapeutischen Versorgungssituation: Vergleich vor und nach der Reform 2017 (Co-Autoren: Cornelia Rabe-Menssen, Michael Ruh, Anne Dazer)

    AMELIE THOBABEN Deutsche Psychotherapeuten Vereinigung Berlin

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