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Dr. Christoph Kowalski has been working as a research coordinator at the office of the Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft, Berlin since 2014. Previously, he was a research fellow at the Institut für Medizinsoziologie, Versorgungsforschung und Rehabilitationswissenschaft of the Universität zu Köln. In the Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft, he is i.a. responsible for the patient-reported outcomes assessments in certified prostate and colorectal cancer centers sponsored by the Movember Foundation and the German Innovationsfond, currently including 190 centers. The studies recruit about 10,000 patients each year. The study for the assessment of patient-reported outcomes in prostate cancer patients (PCO study) is a joint projectof theBundesverband Prostatakrebs Selbsthilfe (BPS), the Förderverein Hilfe bei Prostatakrebs and the certification institute OnkoZert. The study is part of a larger project to evaluate the outcome quality of locally treated prostate cancer in currently 15 countries.

Thursday 06.06.2019

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    12:00 | Global messen, lokal handeln – Patient-Reported Outcomes im TrueNTH Global Registry für das lokal behandelte Prostatakarzinom (Co-Autoren: Günter Feick, Günther Carl, Sebastian Dieng)

    Dr. CHRISTOPH KOWALSKI Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft e.V., Berlin

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